Current Research


Christos T. Maravelias Research Group

My research aims to integrate spatially explicit biofuel supply chain network design under biomass yield uncertainty with landscape design to find optimal supply chain configurations, SC operational decisions, and land management strategies that minimize the total annualized cost and the environmental impact of the supply chain. A general model that considers SCND, uncertainty, and landscape design has not been proposed in the literature. In the future I plan to develop tailored solution strategies to more efficiently solve these computationally intensive models. I specialize in mixed integer linear programming (MILP) and stochastic programming techniques to accomplish my goals of modeling these large, multi-scale, problems. (more info at

Past Research


H. Scott Fogelr Research Group

As an undergraduate researcher we investigated the phenomenon of asphaltene deposition. An apparatus was used to measure the amount of deposit formed as a function of time for different crude oils and asphaltene deposition inhibitors. We completed a project sponsored by Exxon Mobil to provide data and recomendations regarding the best inhibitors for new crudes. (more info at


Mario Fabiilli Lab

As an undergraduate researcher in the Michigan Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) I investigated strategies for local drug delivery and drug release for the treatment of Crohn's Disease using sonosensitive micro-droplet emulsions. My work focused on the binding affinity of P-Selectin targeted sonosensitive micro droplet emulsions. (more info at

Journal Publications


Eric G. O'Neill, Christos T. Maravelias, "Towards Integrated Landscape Design and Biofuel Supply Chain Optimization; Review and Opportunities" Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering (Accepted, 2020).


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